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At pakcommodities you can see every kind of import pulses rates,  grain rates, fodder seed rates, sugar rates, guar rates, oil seed rates. We also provide daily rates updates and detailed reports of agriculture commodities.


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  • All important mills of Pakistan including joharabad sugar mill, bhalwal sugar mill, popular sugar mill, sillanwali sugar mill, ramzan sugar mill, suraj sugar mill, sawaira sugar mill, kissan sugar mill, kamalia sugar mill, kanjwani sugar mill, JD sugar mill, ethaad sugar mill, dehrki sugar mill,  ghotki sugar mill, akt sugar mill, alliance sugar mill, fatima sugar mill, mehran sugar mill, al abbas sugar mill, SGM and many more. Daily and minute by minute up to date (only for subscribers). minute by minute means daily ups and downs update of a product if it happens


  • Desi chickpeas(kala chana), desi gram all areas of pakistan and international market as well  
  • Kabuli chickpeas( white gram or safaid chana) all qualities whole sale quality, retail quality, Argentina 8mm, Turkey 8mm, tate brand, taryaki brand, American 9 mm, plosh brand, ramba brand and many more
  • Black matpe(mash) SQ, FAQ, chaman quality
  • Lentils(masoor) port deliveries, pack goods
  • Mung beans(mong) faisalabad, sargodha, Argentina, venezuela and others 
  • Moth beans
  • Yellow peas


  • Millet (bajra) in thal, lalamusa, narowal, kasur, mandi sadakganj, 
  • Red sorghum(jawar sadabahar) okara and tandla 
  • White sorghum (safaid jawar)
  • Hybrid sorghum(jawar hybrid)
  • Oats(javi) local and international market
  • Maize(makai) gujarkhan quality and fatehjung
  • Wheat(only international updates)

Fodder seeds

  • Clover seed(barseem) karachi market, shakargarh normal and plant goods
  • Alfalfa seed(lucan) hydrabad and imported
  • Sesbania seed(jantar) multan 
  • Sorghum seed
  • Maize fodder quality


  • Red Chili (mirchi) kunri mandi, faisalabad market, longi quality, hybrid quality, and many more 
  • Turmeric (haldi) changa manga, faisalabad
  • Coriander(dhania) irani froghi, sakhar quality and other
  • Cumin seed(zeera or jeera) local and international market

Oil seeds

  • Mustard seed
  • Bitter mustard
  • Sunflower
  • Sesame seed(til) bold(mota) and fine (tili) faisalabad and other 
  • Castor seed


  • Guar seed(guara) zero quality, 50 50 quality, 70 30 quality, tharparker quaity in karachi market

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