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Get daily free rate updates and complete research reports of agriculture commodities.

At Pakcommodities

you can see realtime updates of agriculture commodities. Every kind of import pulses rates which includes black matpe SQ, black matpe FAQ, lentils crimson, lentils nipper, lentils nugget, Yellow peas, Clover seed star and other brands, Chickpeas russian, Chickpeas Australia and indications of future shipments as well. We daily update our content At Pakcommodities you can also see local agriculture commodities daily rates which includes Realtime updates of agriculture commodities daily morning rates updates for every one real time rates updates for paid customers daily detailed reports updates for paid customers Imports All kind of import pulses rates updates daily and details are available to paid customers


All important mills of Pakistan which includes Joharabad, Bhalwal, Popular, Sillanwali, Ramzan, Bhon, Kashmir, Suraj, Sawaira, Kissan, Kamalia, Kanjwani, JDW, Etihad, Deharki, Ghotki, AKT, Khanpur, Alliance, RYK, Ashraf, Mehran, Hajra, Fatima, Shaikhu and many more. Daily and minute by minute up to date or as per work done (only for subscribers) future deals (speculation details) and important news will also be provided to paid customers Other details like loading issues, status update like finish. no sale or not available e.t.c


Desi chickpeas (daily rates, work done and details) along with markets which includes Sargodha, Multan, Faisalabad, Karachi. details will only available to paid customers Kabuli chickpeas along with all varieties which includes Russian Chiko split quality, Russian Chiko Good Qualities, American 8mm, Turkey 8 mm, American 9 mm. All these qualities along with different brands like tate, irson, clipper, ramba, ploosh e.t.c Black matpe SQ Faisalabad and Karachi station Lentils crimson whole (pack and port details) Mung beans (Sargodha and Faisalabad) Moth beans Yellow peas(open and pack details)


Millet all big markets of Pakistan like (Kasur, Multan, Faisalabad, Lalamusa and other production areas) Red sorghum Okara, Tandlianwala and Faisalabad market White sorghum Sibbi, Bhagnari, Multan and Faisalabad Hybrid sorghum multan market Oats karachi Market(imported) desi oats Faisalabad market good qualities and average qualities Maize Gujar khan quality, Fateh Jung and other qualities Wheat(only international updates) because it is the staple food of Pakistan

Fodder seeds

Clover seed international details of star brand and other brands. Egyptian Clover seed in karachi market details. Normal clover seed and machine clean clover seed Sheikhupura details Alfalfa seed imported Indian quality, good qualities, average qualities Sahngarh and Hyderabad market Sesbania seed (Multan market) Sorghum seed Maize fodder quality


Red Chili stemless or with stem. Different areas of Pakistan Sindh Lodhran quality, Longi quality, Hybrid. Old chili cold storage reports. Turmeric Changa manga and Faisalabad market. International market reports will also be shared Coriander split or goli, powder quality or sakhri quality, Indian quality. Cumin seed irani froghi brand Indian brand.

Oil seeds

Mustard seed Bitter mustard Sunflower Sesame seed (small,bold, hybrid) Castor seed


Guar seed (zero, 50/50, 70/30, 80/20, Tharparkar quality )

Our subscription services includes

Complete details Details includes sowing cultivation reports, sowing reports, harvesting reports, weather analysis and time to time updates, production details, market arrivals, import export effects, crop future indications and analysis, trading experts reviews and predictions.


Consultancy is available at pak commodities for paid customers. Our subscribers can call us to our traders in evening times from 4-9 according to Pakistani time. Our subscribers can also call us for custom queries. We will also link our customers with our traders so that they can completely get benefit from us. We will help our subscribers in selling and purchasing either the porduct is local or international.

Ups and downs

pak commodities will give you daily rates updates with ups and downs indications. Realtime updates of agriculture commodities are only available for paid customers. Morning rates are free for everyone. Minute by minute updates and detail reports are available to paid customer. Our paid customers can also get in touch with us on phone calls

Future indications

We have our trading department of pakcommodities. Future indications are provided by our traders and they are experts and professional in their field. You will be crystal clear with market directions either its going upward or downward. Market is positive, negative or neutral e.t.c

Market trends

Details of on going products in Markets and hot items running in market. Market top gainers and losers. People interests, stockists interests, local demand, international demand, retail sales, whole sale demand.

weather effects

As we all know that weather has very critical effects on agriculture commodities. We will update you with all kind of weather effects on on going crops and upcoming crops current situations. You can subscribe our package to get premium services If you are already member of pak commodities you can login from menu to see our premium services and don’t forget to tick for remember me so you have not to enter your login password again and again

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Business will frequently occur sed that pleasures have repudiateds our annoyances matters to this principle to take a undertakes laborious physical exercise.
Obligations of business will frequently occur sed that pleasures have repudiateds our annoyances matters to this principle to take a undertakes laborious physical exercise.

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